Hello. BOY PIXELS is a Second Life male fashion blog created by me, er, Will Corrigan. Originally taking an interest in photography in-world, I slowly grew an appreciation for the wonderful designs the many talented creators in Second Life offer and I wanted to share my purchases with others… thus this blog was born! On 29/05/2016 to be exact. How time flies.

My work always has photography, creativity & passion at the heart of it, and I’m lucky enough to have a list of sponsors who believe in what I post. In return, they give me the chance to showcase their awesome creations to you, so I don’t look all that bad in each vain snap of myself. Phew.

Male bloggers are a dying breed and I hope, if you’re a guy and reading this, you can take comfort in knowing you may find something to cover your pixel genitals with here. I like to think of us rare male bloggers as critically endangered species; like a Sumatran tiger, or even just the plain ol’ orangutan. I didn’t even know they were endangered before I wanted to add this quirky little bit in. NOT THE ORANGUTANS.