glory smaller.pngI greatly encourage you all to check out the Book of Daniel event while you still can, as it finishes on the 20th this month. I’ve been meaning to take a visit and love the cause, and I’m happy to see many of my friends have been supporting this great fundraiser. Daniel Estro is a Second Life creator currently undergoing cancer treatment, and plenty of well-known and loved stores have taken part in this event to donate a fraction of their sales towards his treatment costs. Please take a look and let’s help Daniel beat this! ❤


Hat/Hair: Bask in Glory by BOYS TO THE BONE (@kustom9)

Ear Studs: Elegance Earring by RealEvil Industries

Septum: Spike Septum by PIERCE

Tattoo: Tro by Speakeasy (@Book of Daniel)

Necklace: Streampunk by Swallow (@Book of Daniel)

Nipple Piercing: Nipple Piercing P2 by RealEvil Industries

Underwear: Cletus by Noche


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