I’ve recently been extending my accessory collection beyond septums (just take a look at my photos and you’ll get my love for them) and the store MONS has some pretty damn great items for ridiculously cheap. Oh, and they have a ton of gacha machines. Who doesn’t love a good gacha?! I’m not even kidding when I tell you that I am the KING when it comes to them cuz I 80% of the time get the rares on first go muahaha.

I’ve been feelin’ like a renegade brat, recently straying away from gender-norms and playing around with how typical female accessories look on my avatar. If I want a shiny choker or a fancy moon bindi, I’ll wear it, damnit! The great thing about MONS is a lot of them aren’t too girly, at least not in my opinion, so I hope I’m able to somewhat pull it off! This whole photo may be the most *ridiculous* thing I’ve ever taken, from the drool on my face all the way down to the Ted lookalike, but hey, we can all be a hot mess sometimes in SL, right? 😊

Hair: No Fact by No Match

Lollipop: Lollipops Sucked Off by Giftmania

Piercing: Dreamer Septum Ring by MONS

Choker: Evil Eye Choker (Silver Gacha Rare) by MONS

Cardigan: Marcus Cardigan by etham (@FaMESHeD)

Teddy: Grey Thunder Buddie (Gacha) by Bad Unicorn




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