Make Me Move


You know you’re envious of my rockstar pose. Be jelly. 😜 (No really, I was trying to give off Michael Jackson vibes, but I think I just look semi-ridiculous.)

I took a trip to Badlands earlier and adore the dark, apocalyptic feel to the sim. I have to confess, summer is my least favourite season and while I don’t completely abstain from summery photos, I feel most comfortable when the sky is a little grey, the wind is chilly and the need for a jacket is close to a must; clearly it’s no surprise that this translates into my SL photography! My pale avi needs a break from the heat of the summer sims, so this place was a nice little safe haven. Bring on the beautiful winter sims full of snow and cute little cosy houses with granny armchairs by decorated Christmassy fireplaces. 🙂

Here’s my new guilty pleasure tune for the day/week/month/year:


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