New Home


Guess who has a place to call his own now?!

I want to thank my good Flickr friend Ever Amaranthine for messaging me the other day, she not only put a smile on my face, but really inspired me to start writing more. We met up for the first time in-world yesterday (in a dark, demonic basement… this fact is important) and she was just the funniest, sweetest thing! It was a pleasure.

I find it funny how we all house our little virtual selves in Second Life, then go to the lengths of decorating these four walls, putting great thought and care into them as if they were our first life. Though I confess, I am now one of these people! I’ve always rented cheap little pre-furnished spaces, let’s face it, it’s nice to just have a quiet, lag free space to change. This time though, I’ve gone to the lengths of finding the land, buying a house and furnishing it all on my lonesome. I feel like I can finally tick these off my virtual bucket list! Yaaaay!

It’s not that I was against the idea before, I’m just not someone who’s willing to invest much in Second Life. I see it as a distraction from the real world, a little getaway from reality, it’s definitely not my everything. So no, I’m not willing to spend hundreds on a game that is nothing but escapism; however, I have been able to make enough in-world lately to finally be in a situation where I can buy my own place. It’s all about imagination and creativity, peoples!

It’s awesome to finally have a place to retreat to that I can make my *own* without someone else’s stamp on it. I’ve always helped friends find their homes and their furniture, never my own, so to finally be able to do that excites the loser within me heheh. I hope to share my photos of my cosy new pad when it’s all furnished, knowing me, that may take a while! Stay tuned. 🙂


2 thoughts on “New Home

  1. Awwww, Will! You’re such a sweetheart and a love, even if you won’t admit to being totes “on fleek”. And I still adore you despite the fact that you *made* me rezz out my giant Naughty Sweet Potato at in that dark, demonic basement, even though I was like: “No Will, don’t make me do it, this is sooooo inappropriate!” And you were like, “GIVE TO ME YOUR PEENTATO, WOMAN!” … Now then, when are you inviting me over to your new place? 😉 ♥


    1. Well you didn’t take much convincing to whip it out, my dear. 😉 Anyone would think you really really WANTED me to see your Naughty Sweet Potato! Heheh. It’s a work in progress, but you’ll be the first person to see it when it’s done! ♥

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